New Ways of Doing Focusing, Connecting With Love, and The Focusing El Salvador Community

Facilitator: Heazel Martinez, a Focusing Trainer from El Salvador
Translator: Ricardo Martinez, a Focusing Practinior from El Salvador

Time: Jan 29, 2022 at 18:00-20:00 (EET) at Zoom

Heazel Martínez, Focusing Trainer from El Salvador, has a special gift for listening to others, and helping people listen to themselves, so that they may ”accompany” what they are feeling. Focusing has put Heazel on the ”driver’s seat” of her own life.

During the workshop we will learn some new ways of doing focusing. Heazel will also talk about her experiences among groups of women, teenagers and girls, so that they may learn from their own experiences, by finding a gentle attitude towards themselves and thus be more present; to remember the simplicity of being a human who feels, and allows herself to recognize every aspect of her life. In addition, we will hear about the Focusing El Salvador Community.  

Ricardo Martínez is a Focusing Practitioner, older sibling of Heazel, and translator of the workshop from Spanish to English. In Focusing, he has found a simpler and warmer way to accompany his own experiences.

To whom: Members of Finnish Focusing Association

Price: Free

Registration: by email at yhdistys(at) by the Wed 26th of Jan, 2022 at the latest.